Akelaŕe Restaurant Team

The key to our success is our people. All members of the team have a role in making the customers experience memorable, because a good conductor performs at his best when surrounded by virtuoso musicians.

Pedro Subijana

Head Chef Owner

Borja García Argüelles

Chef | R+D

Sergio Valdés

Chef | Production

Arkaitz Muguruza


Teresa Sánz


Darío Parada

Vegetable chef

Melina Zandrino

Pastry Chef

Itsasne Markaide

Management and Front of House

Alberto Pérez

Front of House Manager

Mattia Ruffilli

Front of House Manager

Ely Munguia

Front of House Manager

Ciro Carro


Carlos Muro


Ada Pinter

Administrative Manager

Natalia López

Management and HR