The recipes of the tasting menu have three varied suggestions consciously designed for you to enjoy the haute cuisine with all the senses and from all perspectives. The Classics of AKELARRE are recipes with which you can get to know our cooking, through dishes that have been on our menu for many years. The Aranori and Bekarki Menus are two selections that offer you the combination of different options, including our latest recipes.


Egg with Caviar, on Cauliflower purée and Chive butter
The leaves and the Foie under the Rain
Kokotxa, Pumpkin Seeds Emulsion Garlic and Parsley Bread
Green Broth Infusion, Scampi and Smoked Monkfish
Hake in Seaweed steam. Plancton and Oyster Leaf
Squid as a Risotto, Butter Flower
Spiced, Baby Veal Pojarski
Lamb Loin and Fresh Herbs Roll
The Sheep Milk Dessert
Refreshing of Citrus Fruits

230 EUROS (VAT INCLUDED) – drinks separate


Prawns and Green Beans cooked in “Orujo” Flame,and Sea Roes
Little Tear Green Peas in Flower with Marinated Egg Yolk
Mimetic Octopus
Very thin and Light Beef Tartare, new Potato Soufflé
adn Aromatic Herb Bread
“Desalted” Cod Box with Shavings
Sea Bass “UMAMI”
Grilled Iberic “Presa” with Pepper seeds and Garlic in three different versions

Glazed Wild Duck, Spiced Label
A Little bit of Cheese Before The Dessert
The different Apple Tart

230 EUROS (VAT INCLUDED) – drinks separate

The AKELARRE classics

Garden Vegetables and Lobster Salad
Cheakpeas and Violet Potato, not Conventional at all,
with all the Accompaniments
Pasta, Piquillo and Iberico Carpaccio, Mushrooms and Parmesan
Rice with Snails and Periwinkles in Tomato and Basil film
Sautéed Fresh Foie Gras with “Salt Flakes and Grain Pepper”
Whole-Grain Red Mullet with Sauce “Fusili”
Carved Beef, Tendon and lacquered Skin,
“Potatoes and Peppers”
Glazed Wild Duck, Spiced Label
Gin-Tonic on a plate
“Xaxu” and foaming Coconut Ice Cream

230 EUROS (VAT INCLUDED) – drinks separate