Espazio Oteiza

Designed for all Five Senses

Located in Monte Igueldo, Espazio Oteiza is a meeting place where you can enjoy delicious dishes, fine wines, snacks… and 1,400m2 of fantastic terraces, perfect for taking in unforgettable sunsets over the Cantabrian sea.

An exceptional spot for lunch or dinner in the bright lounge, in the private dining room, or on the outdoor terrace. Booking is recommended to ensure availability. Please indicate when booking if you prefer to have lunch or dinner on the terrace.

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For something lighter, you can enjoy an interesting range of snacks on our terraces.

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And enjoy a coffee or wine at any time without prior reservation. [Subject to availability]

A unique space to enjoy special moments in the best company and, weather permitting, from 16:00 until nightfall, you can sample the delicious signature cocktails designed by Patxi Troitiño. Subject to availability, no reservations.

Jorge Oteiza, sculptor, family friend and a regular at AKELARRE Restaurant, once presented Pedro Subijana with a small sculpture with a hand-carved dedication. One day, during a refurbishment, Pedro found a way to display the sculpture. As a sign of gratitude, Pedro asked Jorge’s permission to name the place after him, to which Jorge gladly agreed, and Espazio Oteiza was born.

Snacks, lunch, dinner… and cocktails too

Espazio Oteiza is open to the public every day. Booking is recommended to ensure availability for lunch, dinner and snacks.

Lunch / Dinner menu

To enjoy aperitifs in a more relaxed setting, Espazio Oteiza also has a Snack Bar with a bar area and low tables, plus tables outside in a dedicated part of the Terraces, where you can indulge in one of the options on the menu.

Snack bar menu

Our terraces complete the gastronomic offer of Espazio Oteiza with a cocktail bar.


Opening hours:

Snacks: 12:00 pm – 22:30 pm

Lunch: 12:30 pm – 15:00 pm

Diner: 19:30-22:30

Information and bookings:

Telephone: +34  943 31 12 08  | Email:

We recommend booking in advance to ensure availability.