Cocktails Menu

Our terraces complete the gastronomic offer of Espazio Oteiza with a new Cocktail Bar served by the bartender Patxi Troitiño. The best way to enjoy a selection of signature cocktails with sea views, every day from 16:30 p.m. until sunset.

And in summer, small music groups liven up the afternoons of Espazio Oteiza.

We will keep you updated.

Our Cocktails

Donosti Sunrise
Dark Rhum, blackberry sour, top of cream and cinamon.

Golden Turbulence
Dry vermouth, eldelflower liquour, lime, sparkling wine and golden rock.

Dr Jeckill
Gin, mango, lime, coconut, grape juice and orange aroma.

Smoky old fashion
Honey whiskey, bronze rock, cocoa bitter smocked with oak barrel.

Gin, swett red vermouth, campari, amaretto and lime.

Ginger fresh express
Gin, ginger, lime, mint and star of anis.

Dark rhum, cinamon, orange, fig, liquid mascarpone and bitter cocoa.

Mojito pasión
Withe rhum, mint, lime, suggar, pasion fruit, apricot and soda.

Cryoinfused Gin&tonics

18 Citrics
Gin cryoinfused on citrics, tonic and lemon twist.

gin cryoinfused on mediterranean herbs, tonic and rosmary.

Gin cryoinfused on hybiscus and raspberry, tonic and orange twist.

Gin cryoinfused on pepper, tonic, spicy bitter and red chily.

Our favorite internationals

Gin, bitter and red sweet vermouth.

Tequila, lime juice and triple sec.

Moscow mule
Vodka, lime and ginger beer.

Dry Martini
Gin, extra dry vermouth.

Whiskey Sour
Whiskey , lime juice and suggar.

Aperol Spritz
Aperol, sparkling wine and soda.

Expreso martini
Vodka, expreso, coffe liquour and suggar.

Bloody mary
Vodka, lime, lea perrins, tabasco, tomato juice, salt, pepper and celery bitter.

Pisco Sour
Pisco, lime, suggar, bitter and egg white.

Gin and lime.

Kir Royal
Cassis cream, sparkling wine.