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Avant-garde gastronomy and stays in front of the Bay of Biscay

Cocktails Menu

Our terraces complete the gastronomic offer of Espazio Oteiza with a cocktail bar that serves the exclusive concoctions created by our award-winning bartender Patxi Troitiño, professor at the Basque Culinary Center. The best way to enjoy a selection of signature cocktails and the stunning sea view, every day in summer time from 16.00 until sunset.

Also, live music will hearten summer evenings at Espazio Oteiza.

We will keep you informed through our social media profiles.

Access to the cocktail bar is through the main entrance of Akelarre.


Troiti’s Margarita € 20 12.5% Alc. Vol.
Tequila, quince, lime and agave syrup.

Mola un huevo € 20 5% Alc. Vol.
White rum, lemon-lime, passion fruit and vanilla.

Troitiño’s Bloody Mary € 20 2.6% Alc. Vol.
Palomino Fino, tomato juice, Troiti’s spicy mix, Condensed Love.

Shrub Splash € 20 7,5% Alc. Vol.
Cachaça, Berries’ Shrub, Angostura Bitter and Ginger Ale.

Spicy Vulcano € 20 9% Alc. Vol.
Brandy, Triple Sec, coconut, spices, mango and chili bubbles.

Our Cocktails

Donosti Sunrise € 20 4% Alc. Vol.
Rum, blackberry syrup, lime, cream, La Concha handlebar in cinnamon.

Golden Turbulence € 20 13% Alc. Vol.
Dry vermouth, elderflower, lime, sparkling wine and gold rock.

Dr Jeckill € 20 12% Alc. Vol.
Gin, mango, lime, coconut, grape juice and chamomile and lavender aroma.

Smoky Old Fashioned € 20 35% Alc. Vol.
Honey whiskey, bronze rock, cocoa bitters and bourbon smoke.

Magic € 20 20% Alc. Vol.
Gin, sweet vermouth, campari, amaretto and lime.

Ginger Fresh Express € 20 13% Alc. Vol.
Gin, ginger, lime, mint, floating star anise.

Diplomisú € 20 30% Alc. Vol.
Reserva Exclusiva Rum, coffee liqueur, cinnamon, orange, mascarpone cheese and cocoa

Mojito Passion € 20 10% Alc. Vol.
Rum, lime, mint, sugar, passion fruit and soda.

Cryoinfused Gin and tonic

18 Citrus € 20 8% Alc. Vol.
Cryoinfused Gin with citrus, tonic and a twist of green lemon.

Mediterranean € 20 8% Alc. Vol.
Cryoinfused Gin with Mediterranean herbs, tonic and rosemary.

Floral € 20 8% Alc. Vol.
Cryoinfused Gin with hibiscus and raspberry, tonic and orange twist.

Spicy € 20 8% Alc. Vol.
Cryoinfused Gin with pepper, tonic, spicy bitters and red chili.

Our favorite internationals

Negroni € 15
Gin, sweet vermouth and campari.

Margarita € 15
Tequila, lime juice and triple sec.

Moscow Mule € 15
Vodka, lime and ginger beer.

Aperol Spritz € 15
Aperol, soda and sparkling wine.

Expreso Martini € 15
Vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso coffee and sugar.

Dry Martini € 15
Gin, dry vermouth.

Bloody Mary € 15
Vodka, lime, worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, tomato juice, salt and pepper.

Whiskey Sour € 15
Whiskey, lime and sugar.

Pisco Sour € 15
Pisco, lime, sugar, egg white and bitters.

Gimlet € 15
Gin and lime cordial.

Kir Royale € 15
Crème de cassis, sparkling wine.