Cocktails Menu

Our terraces complete the gastronomic offer of Espazio Oteiza with a cocktail bar that serves the exclusive concoctions created by our award-winning bartender Patxi Troitiño, professor at the Basque Culinary Center. The best way to enjoy a selection of signature cocktails and the stunning sea view, every day from 16.00 until sunset.

Also, live music will hearten summer evenings at Espazio Oteiza.

We will keep you posted .

Our Cocktails

Donosti Sunrise € 18 4% alc vol
Rum, blackberry sweet and sour mix, cream and dusted cinnamon.

Golden Turbulence € 18 13% alc vol
Dry vermouth, elderflower liqueur, lime, sparkling wine and golden rock.

Dr Jeckill € 18 12% alc vol
Gin, mango, lime, coconut, grape juice and orange aroma.

Smoky Old Fashioned € 18 35% alc vol
Honey whiskey, bronze rock, bitter cocoa and bourbon smoke.

Magic € 18 20% alc vol
Gin, sweet red vermouth, Campari, amaretto and lime.

Ginger Fresh Express € 18 13% alc vol
Gin, ginger, lime, mint, star anise.

Diplomisú € 18 30% alc vol
Exclusive reserve rum, coffee liqueur, cinnamon, orange, fig, liquid mascarpone and bitter cocoa.

Mojito Passion € 18 10% alc vol
Rum, lime, mint, sugar, passion fruit, apricot and club soda.

Cryo infused Gin & Tonics

18 Citrus € 18 8% alc vol
Citrus cryo infused gin, tonic water and twist of green lemon.

Mediterranean € 18 8% alc vol
Mediterranean herbs and rosemary cryo infused gin, tonic water.

Floral € 18 8% alc vol
Hibiscus and raspberry cryo infused gin, tonic water and twist of orange.

Spicy € 18 8% alc vol
Pepper, spicy bitter and red chili cryo infused gin, tonic water.

Our international favorites

Negroni € 14
Gin, Campari and sweet red vermouth.

Margarita € 14
White tequila, lime juice and triple sec.

Moscow Mule € 14
Vodka, lime and ginger beer.

Dry Martini € 14
Gin, extra dry white vermouth.

Aperol Spritz € 14
Aperol, prosecco and club soda.

Espreso Martini € 14
Vodka, coffee liqueur, lungo coffee and sugar.

Bloody Mary € 14
Vodka, lime, Lea Perrins, Tabasco, tomato juice, salt, pepper and celery bitters.

Whiskey Sour € 14
Whiskey, lime and sugar.

Pisco Sour € 14
Pisco, lime, sugar, egg white and bitters.

Gimlet € 14
Gin and lime cordial.

Kir Royale € 14
Crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur), cava.