The winery

A space that houses the most special wines of Akelarre Restaurant and some of the best wines in the world.

At a temperature of 16 degrees and in subdued and indirect lighting, around 650 examples are kept, originating from different parts of the world. From the crispiest white to the most rounded, full bodied varieties as well as fine and more muscular reds, plus a variety of sparkling wines, sweet wines and sherries, with a lot of history. It is our way of representing all styles and at the same time satisfying all palates.

Next to the winery, a spacious tasting area with a large table in the centre, will be a space where you can discover, learn about and taste some of these wines from the hands of our sommeliers Juan Carlos Muro and Ciro Carro, passionate and great professionals of Oenology.

If you want to visit the winery or organize a tasting in the facilities, we recommend you to contact us.