The natural essence of AKELARRE Hotel not only includes respect for the environment in the aesthetic but also in the ethical.

Our commitment to the environment begins with the integration of the building into its surroundings, using natural raw materials and covering plants that reduce the visual impact, in addition to serving as a natural insulator.

Following with the structure of the building, AKELARRE Hotel has a ventilated façade, a very efficient installation for thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition to favouring natural ventilation. This measure, together with the use of solar panels as a renewable and sustainable energy system, allows us to reduce energy consumption without causing pollution.

In AKELARRE Hotel we also favour the use of electric cars, for which we have installed Tesla group charging points and universal chargers for other types of electric vehicles.

All the fabrics used are eco-friendly, from the bedding and other provisions that we offer our customers, to the uniforms of the staff.

Finally, we are firm supporters of the 0KM product policy, working as much as possible with local and national suppliers, reducing the transportation of material and waste and supporting the creation of employment at local level.