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Avant-garde gastronomy and stays in front of the Bay of Biscay

The best of San Sebastián in a suitcase

San Sebastián has an undeniable charm, leaving no one indifferent. Its natural heritage and cultural legacy cause a powerful attraction in those who visit us, leaving an unforgettable memory on them.

Although nothing can replace these memories, we hope that the following souvenirs allow you to take a small piece of San Sebastián home, or perhaps share it with your loved ones.

We can’t imagine a better souvenir than taking home some local products from one of the best gastronomic destinations. The possibilities of finding first-rate ingredients from our surroundings are endless: Txakoli, exclusive from the Basque Country; Xaxus from Tolosa; peppers from Gernika; cheese from Idiazabal or salt from Añana, used in Akelarre and considered one of the best salts worldwide. Learn more about the origin and types of salt that occur naturally in Añana’s Valle Salado, with a visit to its springs.

Our traditional clothing is reserved for special events and celebrations. However, the most iconic piece still used nowadays is the txapela, an emblematic beret that, although it’s not exclusive to the Basque Country, is our emblem. Strolling through the stores in San Sebastian’s old town, you can find different designs by Boinas Elósegui, who have produced all their stock traditionally and sustainably for more than 160 years.

Art is also an undeniable part of our identity, with well-known artists as Jorge Oteiza or Eduardo Chillida, who little by little turned San Sebastián into an urban museum with their sculptures of great cultural value. A lithograph of their works or a selection of small-scale sculptures can be a good souvenir.

One of the lesser-known attractions in our city is homemade jewellery pieces, perhaps because there are few artisan jewellers left. However, the high quality and the uniqueness of each piece make this souvenir a good investment. One of the most representative jewellers is Casa Munoa, offering, since 1935, unique jewellery made in its workshop at Aldamar, 28 st. in San Sebastian.

During your stay at Akelarre Hotel, if you wish to get a typical souvenir from the Basque Country and you want advice, do not hesitate to contact our Reception team.

Casa Munoa