Idiazabal Cheese Route

The Idiazabal Cheese Route, or GR 283, is a loop hike to get to know the Idiazabal cheese, which is very typical in the Basque Country. With an intense smell, this cheese has a slightly spicy taste, at the same time balanced and with character; its color ranging from ivory to beige yellow, in the case it’s smoked.

Some of the cheeses like the Artzai Gazta feature a distinctive “Basserikoa”, a classification that identifies this artisanal shepherd’s cheese, made with unpasteurized sheep cheese from the shepherd’s own flock.

Made up of 6 legs, this 95,7 kilometer long route intinces one to discover more about this product and the Basque culture. The route runs across the Goierri, Urola Garaia an Deba Goiena valleys in Gipuzkoa, allowing for the discovery of the bakeries of Aizpea, the cottages of Jandoain, the reservoirs of Larea and the national parks of Aizkorri-Aratz and Aralar, among others.

This hike pays homage to this Basque product coming from sheep of the latxa breed, originating in the Basque country. A homage to a product so distinctive and unique that it has its own Certificate of Origin and Quality.

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