5 plans to explore San Sebastian on a rainy day

No matter the weather, San Sebastian is a place full of life, with many things to do and experiences to live. Without a doubt, San Sebastian is a city to explore during all seasons due to its huge leisure and culture offer.

  1. Chillida Leku at night and dinner in Lurra café. Contemplate the work of the renowned Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida at Sunset and taste delicious sustainable dishes using local ingredients by Chef Fede Pacha.
  2. Balenciaga Museum and eating fish in Getaria. Discover the legacy of the internationally known fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. A journey through the fashion designer’s life and work and its contribution to the industry. End this trip enjoy a delicious dish paired with a glass of Txakolí wine.
  3. The 4 sculptures alongside San Sebastian coast. Walk along the coast and discover the main sculptures that can be found in San Sebastian:
    • El Peine del Viento (The Comb of the Wind). This set of 3 iron-forged sculptures created by the artist Eduardo Chillida can be found in the precipitous cliff of Mount Igeldo.
    • Construcción Vacía (Empty Construction) is a steel sculpture created by the artist and Subijana family’s friend Jorge Oteiza. Built in 1975, it remains an example of contemporary art.
    • Paloma de la Paz (Dove of Peace).  This sculpture, located at the end of Zurriola beach, was created by the Basque sculptor Nestor Basterretxea as a symbol against violence.
    • Homenaje a Fleming (Tribute to Flemming). This sculpture is Eduardo Chillida’s tribute to the penicillin’s inventor. The sculpture, created in 1990 was first designed in 1955, right after the death of the scientist.
  4. Fundación Museo Jorge Oteiza (Jorge Oteiza Museum and Foundation). Located in the small village of Alzuza, this space holds the personal collection of the sculptor. The museum is divided into 3 different spaces to understand the life and work of the artist: The Laboratory, The House and The Workshop.
  5. The Ossau Iraty cheese route. In the French Basque Country, in the Ossau Valley, the Ossau Iraty cheese is produced. This cheese holds the Appellation of Origin from 1980 and is, along with the Roquefort cheese, the only elaborated with goat’s milk with that designation.