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Avant-garde gastronomy and stays in front of the Bay of Biscay

Indispensable exhibitions for this summer in San Sebastian

The sun’s rays come out to make the cobblestones of La Concha Bay sparkle, the surfers dance on the waves of the Bay of Biscay while the curious wander along Zurriola beach and the terraces of the Parte Vieja are flooded with locals toasting the new season.

If there is one time of year when San Sebastian has a special glow, it is summer.

That’s why we recommend some perfect exhibitions to wander around while you immerse yourself in the fresh and emblematic Basque summer.


Unai San Martín | Tabakalera

From 04.05.2022 to 19.06.2022

This exhibition invites you to escape from everyday life through 105 heliogravures, in which Unai presents a series of landscapes, urban details and objects with the simple aim of just enjoying the aesthetics.

At a time when rhythms have accelerated and the frenetic flow of images has increased, this exhibition allows you to return to the origin and abstract yourself in simple details of the landscape that surrounds you.


Emma Kuntz | Tabakalera

From 21.01.2022 to 19.06.2022xx

Tabakalera offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the work of the Swiss artist and healer Emma Kuntz. She has aroused a lot of curiosity over the years due to her own person, as she was one of the first healers and naturopaths of the 1960s, becoming a great misunderstood figure of her era.

Her work is composed of a series of vibrant drawings made on graph paper with pendulum, compass and ruler.

“My visual work is made for the 21st century!” Kuntz acclaimed, predicting at the time that her vision would be embraced today, and nowadays, both her work and her person have attracted the attention of many contemporary artists, turning her work into a collection that has ended up speaking for itself: visionary, avant-garde and vivacious.


Agustín Ibarrola | Tabakalera

From 27.04.2022 to 12 .06.2022

Hidden in Kortezubi is a forest of colours in which hundreds of eyes inhabit and follow the walker who wanders through its lands.

Although it may seem so, this is not a northern legend. In 1982 Agustín Ibarrola began to paint his art on more than 500 trunks in the Oma forest. Inspired by the geographical references that surround it, he turned this pine forest into a magical experience that unites nature and art in a single symbiosis.

Since the forest was closed to visitors, this exhibition allows you to take a journey through the beauty of the forest and immerse yourself in this experience through photographs and films. Ideal for anyone who has not had the privilege of wandering among its pines.


Jorge Oteiza and Eduardo Chillida, dialogue in the 1950s and 1960s | Museo San Telmo

From 9.04.2022 to 02.10.2022

Oteiza and Chillida were two artists of opposite natures and therefore their thoughts and ideas did not always follow the same path. However, in the 1950s and 1960s, they developed a symbiosis in which they shared creative interests and hobbies, as well as political initiatives.

This temporal reciprocity does not go unnoticed in their works, in which the influences of the other can be discerned in them. The exhibition offers a chronological overview of this friendship, in which you will enjoy the aesthetic thoughts and ideas shared by the two artists during the period.


Patio de un Parador, Elena Brockmann | Museo San Telmo

Permanent exhibition

Known as “the woman who painted like a man”, Elena Brockman had to fight against the social discrimination and difficulties that many other women have encountered throughout their artistic careers. These facts and experiences come together in her work and can be identified in her beautiful costumbrist paintings.

In 1887, her work was presented at the National Exhibition, and although it was not awarded a prize for obstruction of regulations, the Spanish State bought her complete work in 1994 and it became part of the Prado Museum collections.

On its 120th anniversary, Museo San Telmo offers a retrospective of the artist’s works, a chronological journey through her art and experiences.


Balenciaga character | Museo Balenciaga

From 19.05.2022 to 01.05.2023

“What makes a Balenciaga recognisable?

As a result of the 50th anniversary of the death of the master of haute couture, the Balenciaga Museum delves into this question through a perspective on his work that delves into themes never before explored about his creations.

Historicist silhouettes and abstract lines are the visible face of the artist’s work, but beneath his iconic volumes lies a universe of precision and unimaginable perfectionism. Bodices, buttons and buttonholes make up unique structures, worthy of architectural design.

Through 90 pieces, the museum offers you a retrospective in which you will be able to enjoy his iconic impossible volumes and fabrics taken to the extreme while discovering and exploring the similarities that the artist has imprinted on each of his pieces throughout his career.


Chillida Leku

Permanent exhibition

“One day I dreamt of a utopia: to find a space where my sculptures could rest and people could walk among them like in a forest”.

As fate would have it, the master Chillida had the opportunity to see his dream come true a few years before his death and have his ashes rest under a magnolia tree in the museum, becoming a piece of his forest of sculptures himself.

The Chillda Leku Museum is set up as a work of art in itself, a dialogue between art and nature made up of sculptures that stand among beech and magnolia trees. A unique experience in which to immerse oneself in the peace and creativity of Chillida’s works.


It is unthinkable to talk about art in the Basque Country without mentioning the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. An hour’s drive from Akelarre, this museum stands as an essential icon for visitors. That is why we recommend the following two exhibitions:


Motion. Autos, art, architecture | Guggenheim

From 8.04.2022 to 18.09.2022

Curated by the emblematic Norman Foster, this exhibition delves into the architectural and creative dimension hidden in the most emblematic automobiles in history.

Through almost 40 pieces, including some that have never left the refuge of their private collections, this exhibition analyses the similarities that have been generated throughout history between technology and art.

The exhibition also analyses and exhibits different methodologies and technological advances that have shaped the automotive world as we know it today. Questions such as the aerodynamic impact of the wind tunnel effect on the modelling and design of the automobile or its impact on the world of art are some of the themes you will be able to enjoy in this exhibition.


Jean Debuffet, fervent celebration | Guggenheim

From 25.02.2022 to 21.08.2022

Guggenheim invites you to question society’s deep-rooted concepts of beauty through this exhibition by French illustrator Jean Dubuffet.

The artist challenged aesthetic values through his art, which focused on the ordinary and prosaic, and pieces that lacked any pretense of technical expertise or decorum.

In this exhibition you will enjoy the illustrator’s continuous pulse on the canons of beauty of the era and his rebellion against cultural conventions through the vitality and freedom shown in his works.


Photos: ©Museo Cristóbal Balenciaga, ©Museo San Telmo, ©Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, ©Chillida Leku, ©Tabakalera

Tabakalera, San Sebastián

Museo San Telmo